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UnderPinned is a platform for freelancers and Creative Entrepreneurs. Through an online magazine, community and education platform, and a cloud-based career management portal UnderPinned has those who are carving their own self-employed career path covered.

UnderPinned was founded in 2018 to lift the administrative burden of freelancing off your shoulders. Now you can spend your time focusing on the work you enjoy, rather than all of the admin that keeps you from it.

We do that through our one-stop Virtual Office, a tech solution that makes finding work, managing work, and getting paid easier, whether you’re a freelancer or a business hiring freelancers.

From Portfolios to Project Management, Invoicing and Contracts, to educational tools and support services, UnderPinned is designed to help freelancers and small businesses handle every aspect of their admin.

If freelancing means working with different people every day while pursuing and pitching for work you love rather than keeping up with a growing pile of admin, then UnderPinned is the tool for you.

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