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You can't run a business alone, Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key ingredient in achieving your goals.

A collaboration of dynamic Northern businesses, powering growth and development

Business isn’t just business; it’s a huge part of your life. You’ve got dreams, so to get there, you’re going to need three things; to surround yourself with the right people, to grow and develop your skills and knowledge, and to reach the right audience. When you become part of The Northern Affinity, you’re becoming part of a community that’s there to help you get the business, and the life, you’re dreaming of.

Inside our community, we’re all people-people. We’re big believers in relationships. We’re also big believers in supporting and inspiring people who want to be better. Our community connects people who help each other to learn new skills and grow their businesses.

We’re so over hearing about “hustle”, we’ve had enough of hearing passionate people being called the “six figure army” with no work-life balance and we’re done with hearing people being told they’re lacking ambition because they want a business that works around their family. It doesn’t matter what your aspirations are; if you’ve got them, then you’ve got plenty to learn and even more to offer. If you want to collaborate to achieve more, you belong with The Northern Affinity.

Our community is full of passionate people like you; The Northern Affinity brings us together, connects us and helps us communicate our messages to the wider world. Our partners get loads of benefits, and we're always working hard to bring more.



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