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The Lonely Freelancer

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The Lonely Freelancer

A weekly podcast, chatting about all things freelance. Working from home, mental health and creativity.

How we help:

For years, I’ve been streaming and recommending my favourite podcasts, on a huge variety of topics. From celebrities, to comedy, to mental health and wellness, I love hearing other people’s stories in a condensed and relaxed setting.

I wanted to start my own podcast as another way to get my voice out there and share my experiences as a freelancer, a mental health sufferer, a working woman and an organisational geek.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to really work from your house every day of the week – you’ll like the lonely freelancer.

If you like hearing other people’s experiences with mental health in the workplace and the stresses of a side hustle, you should listen to the lonely freelancer.

We particularly help :
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