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Pitstop HR
How we help
The PitStopHR portal is brought to you by the innovative team at leading HR Consultancy, EffectiveHRM.

Our experienced team of employment lawyers and HR experts have helped hundreds of businesses by creating strong HR policies and procedures and solving HR problems. Not every business has a budget for bespoke HR services. However, a subscription to PitStop gives access to expertise in an affordable format.

Instead of spending hours in meetings or on the phone, you can manage your HR at a time and place convenient to you. The tools are available at the click of a mouse, with our support to guide you through using the templates as part of your package. You can contact us by livechat, through our platform, by email or by phone.

That saves you time, and we know that your time is money.



Helping you manage your people with convenient online packages

Support we offer:
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