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Pensions for the self-employed. Our mission is to help people prepare properly for the future. We believe it should be really easy and quick to understand the key things you need to ‘do’ with your pension

How we help:

Penfold is a digital pension managed fully on your mobile phone.

People are living longer. This means you might have 20 or 30 years after you stop working where you are free to do whatever you want! But if you want to spend a third of a lifetime travelling, relaxing in your dream home, doing what you love or just hanging out with your grandkids, you'll need a bit of money.

The good news is the government wants you to save, so its now compulsory for all UK employers to give you some extra cash each month and help you put some aside for retirement, which the government also adds to. This is your pension pot. We think it’s great but tragically unloved. This is because many people:

> Aren’t sure how much they'll need for retirement and so aren’t saving enough, or at all.

> Aren’t sure who's looking after it, if it's being invested well, or if it's being eaten away each month by huge fees.

> Are prioritising other forms of saving, without fully appreciating that by starting early and putting away relatively small and affordable amounts, they can maximise the amount they get from their employer, the government, and the profits earned over many years on the stock market.


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