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Business & Intellectual Property Centre
How we help

Business & IP Centre Leeds is a one-stop source for all your business and intellectual property needs.

We draw on a wide range of resources and have extensive experience in dealing with business and intellectual property enquiries. We are members of the Europe-wide PATLIB network, the British Library's Business & IP Centre network, and work closely with the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and other partners.

Our location within Leeds city centre enables easy access to a range of support services including

  • Specialist databases to help you to start, grow and develop your business
  • Knowledgeable staff available to help and advise
  • A space to work using library computers and free internet
  • Opportunities to book one-to-one sessions with a range of experts
  • Access to regular workshops, clubs and events
  • Dedicated networking area including a skills swap notice board

Supporting business with information, intellectual property support & workshops.

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Get in touch: bipcleeds@leeds.gov.uk
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