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How we help
Growth Support:

Our mission is to spark changing attitudes, build confidence and empower women to collaborate with, elevate and inspire each other in business.

We are dedicated to bringing female small business owners together to support, elevate and build a stronger SME community.

Women in the UK are half as likely to start their own business than men. We want to change this by offering a place where female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, start-ups or anyone thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship can connect and help each other on a journey to success.

We aim to help women gain access to the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to grow a successful business. Fempowered marketing courses will be a chance to work on the fundamentals of marketing a business whilst meeting and inspiring each other.


Join a Fempowered Board

Being a small business owner is incredibly rewarding, but it can be a lonely and daunting place when you’re faced with challenges or creative block. Fempowered Board brings together business owners in a monthly structured group session to support each other, share knowledge and bounce ideas off one another.

The meetings are currently being held online – we will be launching physical locations for the Board meetings across Yorkshire in 2021. Book a free taster session. 


We specifically help:
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Support, inspiration and resources to help your business grow.