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Chris Kenworthy

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Chris Kenworthy

I help changemakers save the world. A world where people and the planet thrive.

How we help:

I'm Chris. I coach individuals like you during one-to-one coaching sessions.

I help changemakers save the world. A world where people and the planet thrive.

They’re founders, leaders and entrepreneurs whose businesses, organisations or careers create socially and environmentally useful outcomes.

What they all have in common is appetite and ambition for change, however stuck they feel. Now they’re ready to try something radical to put more momentum and soul in their livelihood, and finally bring their big dreams to life.


So, what about you?

  • You’re principled
    And driven to do the right thing. Maybe responsibility and sustainability come into it. You want to make a difference... secretly eyeing up your legacy (come on, be honest).
  • People say you’re talented & capable
    So the stakes are high. Expectations even higher. You’re into myriad hobbies, interests, and turn your hand to anything (making choosing all the harder).
  • The ‘E-word’ may (not) apply
    But perhaps you do nurture entrepreneurial-spirit. You're an achiever, yet prone to getting in your own way. Maybe you’re a thinker too... who realises it’s only action that counts.
  • Perhaps you feel exasperated
    By our sluggish response to climate change. When clearly, it’s our only priority. Because if we fix that, we fix every other monstrous injustice too.
  • You straddle logic & creativity
    Yet identify as neither. It’s a wondrous conflict but maybe you're at your best with the two in balance.
  • Conforming isn't your thing
    You’re no loner - just often on the sidelines looking in. Maybe you see humanity's best and worst, and wonder ‘what the f*ck have we done now you fascinating, frustrating beasts’?


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