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wonderful business - in Yorkshire



We're passionate about helping each other

Everyday People is a community-led hub that brings together support, knowledge, inspiration and local people with the right experience, expertise and ethos to enable us to grow wonderful businesses.


We want to make a difference

Our mission is to make it easy to grow a profitable business that brings fulfilment and cares about people, society and the environment.


We care about 

Doing the right thing
Every step of the way, we ask ourselves, does it feel right, and how does it impact others?

Learning & growing
Nobody is born with the skills and knowledge it takes to grow a business. We're all learning along the way.

Making things easy
With so much information on the internet - we make it easy to find everything you need. As well as highlight the meaningful information, so you can decide with confidence what's right for you and your business.


Sam Agnew
Everyday People