So Dave, how’s life as a freelance web developer?

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Hands down, the best thing about running Everyday People is that I get to meet some talented, dedicated and just all round good people. Co-founder of York-based web development agency Artel Creative, Dave Hudson is one of these people.

Get a coffee… take five minutes as Dave gives us an insight into his life as a freelance web developer.


What made you take the leap of faith?

I got to a point in my career (and in life) where I thought there has to be a better way of living than spending 5 hours commuting to and from someone else’s office to do the same thing for the same money day in day out. After a particularly bad day at the office, a friend mentioned that he could probably pass me enough work to keep the wolves from the door for a month or so. The next day I handed my notice in.


An IPSE survey found that the self-employed are happier than employees. Dave what makes you happy?

  • The freedom to make my own decisions.
  • The diversity of people I get to work with.
  • Sloping off to the pub on a Friday.


A Warwick University study concluded that happier people are more productive, what are your productivity tips?

  • Look at every project as the opportunity to learn something new.
  • Avoid working from the sofa! The TV is too tempting.
  • Go for a walk. I find that taking an hour out to go for a walk is great for clearing my thoughts and generating ideas.


Looking at this diagram, where would you plot yourself today?

A day in the ife of an entrepreneur

My month is broken down into two phases. The first 2 weeks are “I’m good. I don’t know why I get so down on myself”. The rest of the month is “I think I’m going Bankrupt”.


What are three questions you wish every client would ask?

  • What do you need from me/us?
  • How do you take your coffee?
  • Where do I send the deposit?


How do you keep your skills up to date? Do you read blogs, listen to webinars or prefer good old-fashioned chalk and talk?

If I see something and think “wow! How did they do that?” I start Googling and searching the web development forums for answers.


Freelancing can be lonely, what do you do to overcome this?

I share a private office with 3 other people within A-Collective so there are always people drifting in and out for a coffee and a chat.


Has Albert Einstein says ‘You only fail if you give up’ What keeps you going?

The knowledge that I’m building a better life for my family.


Dave Hudson York Freelance Web Developer

Dave with his youngest. Very cute.


What impact do you see the Guild of Media Arts having on freelancers and small business owners?

With the Guild coming on the back of the UNESCO City of Media Arts designation, York is well and truly stamped as a creative hotspot. This can only be a good thing for the freelancers in the city.


What’s your all time favourite blog post you’ve ever written?

I don’t blog (I know, I know, cardinal sin!). I find that unless I’m writing to complain about something, my written word is really uninteresting. It also takes me forever to write anything (I’ve spent 2 hours thinking of answers for this lol).


Thanks Dave for taking the time to talk to us. If you fancy getting to know Dave a bit more take a look at his website, or join him for a pint at one of our networking events.


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