Grace Abell’s Tips for Finding a Freelance Graphic Designer

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5 tips for outsourcing like a pro


If you need help finding a freelance graphic designer, read on. Grace Abell, an award-winning Freelance Graphic Designer  based in York gives us her tips on how to outsource like a pro.


Tip One

Lucky for you, the world isn’t short of freelance graphic designers. Ask for a recommendation from a trusted business contact. There isn’t a set quality standard. This causes problems, as anyone who owns Photoshop could call themselves a designer. While design can be self-taught, most British designers will have a diploma or degree in a related subject. Of course, experience counts too. If a designer has a proven track record of delivering quality work, this indicates that you’ve spotted talent. 


Tip Two

Look through as many online portfolios as you can. Don’t focus on finding a project that’s similar to yours, but look for a style you like. To clarify, if you’re starting a coffee shop, don’t hire a designer because they have worked with another coffee retailer. Every designer has their own visual style. Some are more illustration-driven, others are vintage or typographic. Personally, my style has a minimalist, corporate feel, so therefore technology professionals are drawn to work with me.


Tip Three

Consider the particulars of the freelance graphic designer. In this digital world, it’s almost as easy to hire someone in Sydney as it is in Swindon. But you need to consider how closely you’d like to work with them. If you make your money in a certain location, perhaps you should spend it there too.  


Tip Four

Meet with a few designers and ask for a quote. Specify your work clearly. When I hire people, I always ask “how much can I expect to spend with you?”. Some designers will bill by the hour, others will set a fee for the whole project. I personally set a capped quote, so my clients know how much their final invoice will be upfront. This works for both my client and myself. A freelance designer’s fees vary depending on the task at hand, location and their years of experience. While we all have to start somewhere, bear in mind that good design will make you money, so don’t get hung up on the pennies if possible.


Tip Five 

Once you have found your talent, agree to some clear deadlines which work for you both. You’ll be asked to sign an agreement to protect the project. An upfront deposit will be taken too. Mine is a low 20%, which covers my upfront costs. Establish a good working relationship with your designer. Don’t be scared to ask for changes, we don’t take it personally. Finally, complete the circle of love and recommend your designer to your connections. Good branding will work hard for you years after the initial investment, so enjoy being part of the creative process.





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