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By 2019 Cisco predicts that a whopping 80% of all Internet traffic will be video, so it’s with good reason that Marketing Insider Group named 2016 ‘year of the VIDEO’.  This week we interviewed one of our very own video specialists, Joe Skillington, founder of Sheffield based video production company Whistle Video.  TRUE FACT: Joe was actually the very first member of Everyday People.


So Joe, what made you take the leap of faith into becoming self-employed?

I love creating videos and animation and have done since I was very small. I thought – why not do this for a living? Working for yourself gives you the flexibility a traditional 9-5 job doesn’t.


Freelancing can be lonely though, what do you do to overcome this?

I work a lot more closely with my brother now who is an illustrator, so we are more of a small team!

 Joe and his brother Sam


That’s a great photo of you both (Joe is on the left). A Warwick University study found that happier people are more productive, so other than staying happy, what are your productivity tips?

Set a schedule. Plan what you are doing for the day / week and try to stick to it. Also, take plenty of breaks; it is counter-productive to keep slogging through as you begin to lose momentum.


Sound advice! At Everyday People we believe that outsourcing can greatly improve productivity. Do you outsource any of your work? If not what job would you love to hand over?

I would love to hand over the advertising side of things. I don’t really like pitching for work, as I want to spend time actually creating.


An IPSE survey found that the self-employed are happier than employees. What makes you happy about being a freelancer?

The ability to make my own choices and not be ruled by a team of managers!”


How do you keep your clients happy?

I am always honest. There is no point of offering something you cannot deliver. You might get the job but then fail to complete which is counter productive. I also think I keep clients up to date with project progress so they don’t feel left in the dark. And I also offer competitive pricing!


I think everyone appreciates honesty and transparency, I certainly do. Drawing on a few negative experiences I’d had helped me to formulate the Everyday People concept.  How do you keep your skills up to date? Do you read blogs, listen to webinars or prefer good old-fashioned chalk and talk?

I try to read up on different techniques online and also do plenty of video tutorials to keep my technical skills up to date”.


Looking at this diagram, where would you plot yourself at this moment in time?

A day in the ife of an entrepreneur

It’s working!”


That’s good to hear. It’s not easy, though if it was everyone would be doing it! Albert Einstein said that:‘You only fail if you give up’, so what keeps you going?

I love working on a variety of projects. I am always seeking out new clients and areas of work as that keep things interesting. I like working, it feels like you are achieving something!”


Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by us and for being becoming our first ever member. We’ve only been live for two months, so I really appreciate everyone who’s behind us! To finish our first interview could you describe the best project you’ve ever worked on.

One of my favourite projects I have worked on to date was a promotional video for a school in Birmingham. It was a busy day with well over 20 interviews carried out. But I really enjoyed interviewing a range of people on camera, from the children, parents and teachers. It was an easy edit as I was sold on the school – I wish I could have gone there as a child!

It’s a wonderful video, I wish I’d gone there too! To see more of Joe’s work have a look at his website.


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