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This week I caught up with Leeds-based marketing consultant and organiser of Glug Leeds, Hannah O’Sullivan. Those who know Hannah will understand what I mean when I say, without even meeting her you can feel her passion and support for Yorkshire’s creative and digital community. 

Grab a coffee, sit back and take five minutes getting to know one of Yorkshire’s great and good. 


In a tweet describe what you do. 

I support people to deliver relevant & engaging content to assist business growth. #BrandDevelopment #DigitalMarketing & #EventManagement.


If you could give on piece of marketing advice what would it be?

Be consistent – it’s better to start out focusing on one particular thing and do it well than trying to do everything and getting overwhelmed. I think a lot of people think they need to be visible across all social media channels. My advice is, think about where your target audience will be and concentrate on occupying that digital space with content they engage with.


As one of the organisers of Glug Leeds, which always has a brilliant speaker line up. Is there anyone still left on your guest wish list?

We’ve been pretty lucky with the amazing speakers who have agreed to come and share their stories. It’s hard to find better quality and inspiring speakers than Jonathan Sands OBE, Elmwood, Steve Bartlett, Social Chain and the legendary Michael C Place, Build. Those are the guys who drew the biggest crowds.

I’d love to have a few more of The Design Republic line up, Ian Anderson and Matt Pyke. Glug Leeds is all about showcasing Yorkshire talent, so it would be amazing to hear about those early days starting out in Sheffield to where they are now.

I’d also love to hear from Golden, their elusive nature makes it all the more intriguing.  I’m keen to get the inside scoop on their agency life and the reasoning behind their simplistic website, which only consists of their contact details and a video of setting up the office.


You always seem so driven and positive, on tough days how do you motivate yourself?

The majority of the time I enjoy what I do so it doesn’t seem like work. I pick people I like working with and who I can learn from, which makes it easier. A lot of what I do is project based so I know when things are really tough it’ll only be for a short period of time. Event days are hard work, but being there from conception to delivery of the event, then seeing everyone arriving makes it all worthwhile.


Which SAAS or Apps could you not live without?

I could not live without Buffer.   Auto scheduling all my content to my social channels via one central platform just makes my life so much easier. I can simply copy and paste the content and tweak it per channel and know it’ll all go out at the optimum time. I also use Slack for team chats and we have a Global Glug channel which is really cool, meaning all the chapters around the world can chat and share resources. I use the local digital and tech slack groups too.


Describe the most awesome project you’ve ever worked on.

Other than the Glug events I think my favourite project was developing the concept and event managing an exhibition stand for a lift company at their annual trade show at Excel, London. I had complete creative control and wanted to deliver something which stood out against all the other stands, which mainly featured huge good lifts with uniform blue stand designs. I developed a concept around a vintage circus theme, showcasing ‘magical uppity’ boxes, highlighting 75 years of company history. The display lifts and equipment were integrated into the design of the stand with fun elements like aerial gymnasts, as well as a Punch and Judy stand which were used to hold meetings. It stood out a mile off and had consistently the most traffic to the stand over two days.

Circus Stand 1 Circus Stand


You write two blogs Marketing Captions and Blunt Bride what are your most popular posts and do you have a personal favourite?

In terms of my marketing blog, it is the posts which simplify marketing jargon that proves most popular. This kind of applies to the wedding blog too, which I started just to offer some simple guidance, top tips and good contacts I’d picked up, for people going through the stressful process of planning a wedding. Personally, I enjoy posting the tips on the wedding blog and helping to make their lives a bit easier.

What advice would you give to those thinking about becoming a freelancer?

Be clear about your service offering, keep it simple and manageable – work out your finances and what you need to achieve each month, then quantify how many pieces of work you need to achieve. It’s just about having that clarity and not getting overwhelmed and losing confidence in what you’re trying to achieve.


Looking at this diagram, where would you plot yourself today?

A day in the ife of an entrepreneur

I’d say I’m at ‘give up the good for the great’.


If you fancy getting to know Hannah a bit more take a look at her website, or come to our next event where Hannah will be in front of the mic for a change.



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