A guide to clearing the decks and getting ready for action in 2021

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While developing Everyday People’s new Yorkshire-based Freelance Directory I had the opportunity to delve more deeply into the work of our freelancers. I particularly enjoyed reading some of the quality content being shared. 

I find, great content not only improves my understanding of a topic but helps me to identify areas where I could do with some extra help, how an expert could help and whether they seem like the type of person I’d enjoy working with. 

Virtual Hand founded by Michelle Poole has a super range of content and resources designed to help you get in control of your business in order to free up time and give you the attention needed to focus on more important areas of your life and business. 

With the New Year ahead I asked Michelle to write her tips for clearing the decks and getting ready for action in 2021. 


Over to Michelle… 

Another year is over and as usual, people look towards the next, a great big line in the sand to promise ourselves we will do things differently, try new things and move towards our goals – whatever they are.

Setting goals

Number one on my list and needs careful thought; for everyone. Throw-away vague ideas are not going to cut it and tbh you won’t achieve – you’ll probably forget about them by February anyway.

Goals need to be possible – I don’t just mean easy; like adding to your to-do list at the end of the day so it looks like you’ve been busy!

I mean possible.

Humongous goals are spoken about but are they even possible? Do you have the people around you, the tools to start or even the wherefore to begin?

Challenges are good and coupled with deadlines, with people to help you, expertise to bring in and a plan to follow – now they’ll work.

Keeping them visible, added to your diary and checking in to see where you’re at – now that’ll help.



Where are you, what have you achieved and how did it feel? Great reflection questions on the past year. What can you take from this to improve on next year and help you set those goals? We tend not to celebrate our achievements and only when we are forced to reflect do we realise we’ve got a lot done and maybe achieved stuff we didn’t have on our list.

Knowing where you are and what worked well for you to achieve what you did can give you great big hints on how to achieve next year. Was there someone else involved, a certain tool you used, results which blew your mind and easy for you to replicate?


Clear the decks

Who doesn’t love it when there is lots of clear space? Things back in their rightful place and plenty of coloured pens, notebooks and planners ready to be used. So, find a home for those random nick naks on the desk, file all the paper and put away books.

What about your inbox. How about starting 2021 with an empty inbox? Bit of a dream? Just create a folder marked 2020 and move them all over – after say 3-4 months you can just delete it – if you’ve not used things in there you’re not going to in the next 8 months either!


How do you do it?

One of the best things for maintaining your standards, looking to automation and even finding someone to delegate to is having your business process, how you run your business, written down. Taking everything you do and having a process so others can replicate will give you time to work ON your business, share the workload with a trusted colleague and be able to grow your business.

So, there you have it, 4 things to look to do that will make the start of your 2021 go smoothly and move you forward towards your goals.



Thank Michelle, I’m currently working on improving my processes, I’ve found that keeping a handy visual reminder and constant reviewing is helping me to make continuous progress. 

 You can find out more about Michelle and Virtual Hand on her Everyday People profile



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