16 Marketing Blogs to Write Home About

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Recently I asked my colleagues and contacts to recommend their favourite marketing blogs written by Yorkshire based businesses, as expected Yorkshire folk were only too happy to sing the praises of fellow Yorkshire businesses.  I asked Everyday People Member,  York-based freelance branding designer Richard Gray (Zumo Juice) to display the results in an infographic, and as you can see Richard has done me proud!

16 Marketing Blogs Infographic

Do you find it difficult to stay up-to-date with new information and find it difficult to see the wood for the trees? I’m not surprised the internet is overloaded with content . These 16 blogs are a drop in the ocean; the Internet is a big place. Huge. As I write this post there are 1,057,640,456 websites online, with thousands more being created each day.

My advice is to get organised with RSS and bookmarking


What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS simplifies the way we view and digest content on the Internet. An RSS feed strips the information down to the bare essentials, giving you a taste of the content at a glance. So instead of checking the 40 websites you follow, you can just open an RSS reader app and see what’s new on all of your favourite blogs, podcasts and video channels. To give you a hand in finding the best RSS reader for you, Zapier has reviewed the best. 


Bookmarking Tools

Bookmarking tools are great for saving and categorising content that you’d like to save to read or refer to at a later date. I use Diigo, which also allows you to highlight and add notes.

So here it is, our list of 16 marketing blogs from Yorkshire to write home about. Some excellent blogs worthy of being bookmarked and added to your RSS feed.


1. Enjoy Digital 2. Keywords and Jargon 3. Harrison Mann 4. Jonny Ross
5. Sugarcane 6. Airship 7. Campfire Communications 8. Impression
9. Big Foot Digital 10. Fox Agency 11. My Social Agency 12. Branded 3
13. Created Red Media 14. The Distance 15. The Customer Service Blog 16. Quba




 What it’s like to wear a client’s shoes

Next time Chris Kenworthy, Leeds based copywriter and author of Human Freelancer tells us what it’s like to wear a client’s shoes.

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