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Digital Business Communications
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Digital Business Communications offer bespoke training courses to help project teams adapt to remote working and establish best practices to ensure a strong team identity, clear communication and well-defined processes resulting in improved performance.

With the increasing need for people to be able to work effectively across different time zones and cultures, communication training has changed significantly.

I’m an experienced business trainer with a background in communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills. Over the years, I’ve worked extensively with global organisations in Europe but also further afield in Africa, delivering language and communication workshops for trade unions, government ministries, financial and academic institutions.

The courses are designed both for individuals or groups and can be customised for in-house delivery on request. They can be run as face-to-face seminars or as a blend of face-to-face and virtual classroom sessions.

Courses include:

  • Communicating Visually
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Cross-cultural Communication

Bespoke training courses to help project teams adapt to remote working.

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