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About us:

CMME is a specialist mortgage brokerage offering expert advice and bespoke mortgages.

Since our launch in 2004, we have endeavoured to ensure that contractors are not treated unfairly when trying to secure a mortgage.

In the past, many lenders were stuck in their ways of assessing income conventionally. As numerous contractors struggle to prove their income in this way, they had to resort to self-certified mortgages. In effect, this resulted in an unnecessarily costly mortgage with considerably higher interest charges.

Our company noticed the way in which lenders were treating contractors. We argued that contracting or freelancing is a preferable way of working for many people, and those who work in this way should not be penalised when it comes to securing a mortgage. As a company, we have done our utmost to ensure that lenders understand the real risk of lending to a contractor.

Our Ethos:

We're proud to play our small part in boosting Britain's independent ambition. Backing our growing workforce of independent professionals, giving you the service and support your enterprising spirit deserves.

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