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About us:

Duke Studios is an open collaborative space in the City Centre of Leeds. With a company motto of people first, business second, Duke is not your usual workspace provider. Based around a Coworking model, Duke Studios provides a range of workspaces, creative services, and facilities.

Duke Studios is made up of creatives from many different fields - Animators, Web Developers, Software Developers, Online Marketeers, Designer Makers, Commercial Interior Designers, Retail Designers, Photographers, Film Makers, Architects, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Landscape Architects, Copywriters, Art Directors, Makers, Travel Writers, DJs, Producers, Service Designers, SEO Professionals, PPC Marketeers, Tech Startups, Bloggers in Music, Fashion, Food and Design.

Making us a pretty nifty creative powerhouse.

Our Ethos:

Look out for each other; nurture and provide opportunities for creative.

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