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About us:

20 years ago a handful of specialists came together to make a stand against a new government tax that would cripple the freelance corner of the wider employment landscape. As the fight has continually evolved so to have we.

In an ideal world, you'll be able to run your passion like a business, without having to worry about the other stuff, like, what insurances you need, being up to date with tax status, where a new client will come from, and any of the other things you don't even know you should be worried about!

Over the course of the last few years, we've been undertaking extensive research into the minds of freelancers. We wanted to know exactly what you guys love, what you hate, and why you chose freelancing in the first place.

We found that what a lot of you love most is the freedom and flexibility that freelancing brings. No surprises there. But, what makes many freelancers worry the most is irregular income as well as a lack of financial support and statutory benefits (among other things). And, dare we say it, asking for help is not exactly your favourite thing to do.

With this in mind, our team has been crafting the perfect benefits package for freelancers. We'll provide you with the protection you need to ease your mind, and the tools you need to successfully run your freelance business however you want to. In a nutshell, we’re making freelancing the most rewarding way to work.


Our Ethos:

A mission to make freelancing the most rewarding way to work.

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