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August 18, 2016 2:10 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

At some stage in a startup’s journey the founder will consider the benefits of outsourcing, however in the early stages when money is tight small business owners are willing to turn their hand to most tasks. 

Like all entrepreneurs I’ve always had the desire to give things a go.  Back in 1998, a few weeks into my first job at The Cambridge Women’s Resouces Centre I decided they needed a website and I was going to build them one! So after a quick PageMill course, that’s what I did! I have to say their current website is a far cry from the one I knocked up.

Not long after I’d started my first business I muddled my way around Photoshop to design my first flyer, then I gave InDesign a whirl and published our first (of two) fanzine. Richard Gray and Gareth Williams please don’t judge me!



After hours of trawling through endless YouTube tutorials trying to figure out how to cut a star-shaped image out of a photo, I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a group of knowledgeable folk who knew the answers I was searching to find, or could at least point me in the right direction. Now there is!  Everyday People Members, a lovely bunch of Yorkshire based freelancers, who are experts in their field.

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Take 5 minutes with Dave

Next time we have a chat with Dave Hudson, co-founder of York-based web development and creative solutions agency, Artel Creative.

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